zuzukhanom's take on koshari an egyptian dish

Koshari Recipe| An Egyptian Main Dish

I just LOVE lentils. As much as I love lentils, I also love variety and cooking them the exact same way kinda gets boring after a while. So, I decided to look for new recipes when I stumbled upon koshari. It’s an Egyptian variation of Mjadarah and I like this one a bit more because I love everything tomato. This recipe is inspired by countless recipes I checked out online to make this dish the very first time. This is my take on koshari, and I hope you enjoy this as much as Mjadarah.

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mjadarah a Mediterranean bulgur main dish made of bulgur, lentils, fried onions and garnished with parsley

Mjadarah | A Mediterranean Bulgur Recipe

Now I gotta admit, Syrians prefer the more complicated recipes. They LOVE those recipes that take hours to make like kibbeh (bulgur fried food), yabrak (rolled vine leaves, and many more. But, when mom is busy, is on a low budget, does not feel like cooking, has some other chores to do around the house or just about any other reason, mom will make mjadarah. It is such a healthy and hearty dish that I am sure you will enjoy.

Why Mjadarah?

  • A simple go to recipe for moms in a hurry
  • A meatless meal that is high in fiber and rich in protein
  • A perfect meal for meatless Mondays

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