Fitness Preparedness

Hiking requires muscle strength and cardio endurance. My first hike in Canada was 9 km with 443 m elevation gain at the age of 36. I had not hit the gym in years. I hated lunges and I still do. I had an office job. The only workout I was doing is stretching and long walks 🤦‍♀️ I finished it in 4 hours including breaks. I was in the middle of the hike when I thought to myself what did I do to myself? Lol. How did I feel that night? A little restless and hungry. My knees were killing me. I went down the hike too fast. I had super food and recovered in 2 days. By Tuesday I wasn’t feeling any soreness and I was hooked. Let’s do this again. 🤪

My 2021 goal was to get to Garibaldi Lake loop. Weather didn’t permit. The day passes proved to be elusive. My 2022 goal is to do Panorama Ridge trail. Will update you on how that goes.

Here are some recommendations on what to do regularly to build your stamina and strength faster.

Hike to get ready for more hikes 🙃

Attend all hikes to be able to progress to harder hikes

Hit the gym or fitness classes for cardio and muscle strengthening workouts

Train on the stair climber machine and gradually increase speed to your comfort

Get into core conditioning classes

Eat healthy: high protein intake, lower carbs ratio, less junk, less sugar, less anti inflammatory foods

Take your vitamin supplements. The quality of your blood determines energy levels and overall health

Get enough rest before a hike. If you are already exhausted, you may feel it harder on a hike.

Do your research: what are some other ways to get ready?

ALWAYS check with your doctor first. Is it a good idea for me to hike?

Happy and safe hiking! 🙂