About Zuzu

All my life, the only food I could make was pasta. Pasta with yogurt, Gratin (pasta with bechamel and stringy mozzarella sauce) and pasta with tomato sauce. Pasta was my go to dish until my mom had to stay in bed for a while and I had to start learning how to make Syrian dishes like makmoor (cabbage and rice), yalanji (vegan stuffed vines leaves), (fasuliyeh) green beans stew, makloobeh (eggplant and rice dish) and a few more. I always LOVED cooking in the kitchen but I didn’t know how to go about it, so I had a really slow start. I learned how to cook, but did not do much of it.

And again, it happened and I had to stay on my own and I was not ready to have pasta for months on end, so I decided to try more recipes. I made summakieh (eggplants cooked in sumac), yabrak (non vegan version of stuffed vine leaves), shakriyeh (cooked yogurt with small pieces of meat) among other Syrian and Mediterranean recipes. I called my mom every time I wanted to cook something new and made sure I learned the authentic recipe.

What inspired me to start this blog is a love for sharing everything Syrian and anything Mediterreanean along the way. There are many variations of any given recipe throughout the Mediterranean and even within Syrian itself, I try anything I come across with and have modified some of my recipes to adapt to my personal palate. I will make a reference to what area in Syria I got the recipe from.

There are so many Mediterranean and Syrian recipes. I will be sharing the easy ones that don’t require too much. Remember, the flavor and health benefits of cooking fresh is all worth it.

Cooking has become my passion, downtime, de-stressor and way to have fun. I hope you enjoy cooking as much as me. 🙂



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