My Favorite Spot

Two years ago, I went on a family trip to Squamish. The plan was to spend a couple of nights and explore all the main attractions. One of the plans was to see Shannon Falls. On a very sunny afternoon, we headed there and got to see the third tallest waterfall in BC. For a waterfall lover, all falls are beautiful. This one is quite majestic. You get to see the water fall off the rocks and bounce off others as it makes its way down and form a stream. The walk to the lookout is quite short and accessible which makes it easy for all ages and physical abilities to reach without difficulty. As I approached the waterfall lookout, I felt like it was calling me, but at the same time, I felt like it was so cold, so distant, so standoffish. I felt like it was telling us: ha, you can’t touch me, you can’t reach me, you can only stare at me from a distance. I didn’t like it. I thought to myself, what is so special about this waterfall? It looks ridiculously small in person and even smaller in photos, and looks dull when a cloud is passing by. When my family was done taking photos, they walked back down and found a lovely seat where they can watch the waterfalls. The perfect spot they called it. I sat for like 2 minutes and was like enough looking, let’s get moving. The only nearby hike is a good 16 km or more so there was no way I was gonna do that hike within an hour or two as my family enjoyed their perfect spot.

Up close and personal with Shannon Falls

I wanted to find a spot where I can sit comfortably and dip my feet in the water. I looked at the stream and started scrambling up towards the falls in search of my perfect spot. I didn’t realize how far I went until I turned back to see where everyone else is. The only other adventurous person in my family, my niece, joined me in my search for a wonderful spot. We scrambled as far up as we can. That was my first scrambling experience in BC. As I went up, I got a point where the falls looked quite flat and no more scrambling could be done for a beginner like me. I looked around and found a slab of rock with a dry spot in the middle. The falls for some reason split and created my perfect spot. Streams of water were pouring down around that spot. I made my way there, sat down and enjoyed the moment. That moment will live with me forever. I sat in the middle of a waterfall.

My favorite spot

I was able to touch the water, hear the burble, feel the sun, embrace the breeze. The waterfall was coming down from behind me and making its way past me to the bottom. In hindsight, the waterfall was speaking to me, but I was not able to hear the message. It wasn’t telling me you can’t reach me anymore. It was telling me: You made it. You found it. It sure took you a while. Eventually you got there. It is a journey. Immerse yourself. Keep going. Don’t let appearances stop you. Don’t let perceptions get to you. Be who you are. Let that love show. Let that care shine. Spread that halo. Spread that light. It will nourish you. It will rejuvenate you. It will satisfy your urges, desires and dreams. Do what love and love what you do. There is nothing like it. Climb that waterfall. Go up that mountain. Hike that trail. The mountain, the waterfall, the trail are all waiting for you. They are not just there. They are there to heal, feel the peace, rejuvenate you. Keep healing. Keep hoping. Keep dreaming. Keep going.

Two years later, I come again to the same falls. They look as majestic as ever. This time, I did not go on a mission to search of my perfect spot. Instead, I wanted to chill with the falls and enjoy the process. I stopped at many points and enjoyed the moment. I found a few new spots to chill. These spots became special moments. Not for their locations but for who they were spent with.

Recommendations: Have a picnic in the park. If you are a beginner hiker and want to attempt the Sea to Sky hike, do your research and come prepared. I have a friend who is not active at all who attempted it. Her muscles cramped and the experience was horrible for her. Not recommended for someone starting out with intermediate hikes.

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