Fooll A Mediterranean bean salad

Fooll|A Mediterranean Bean Salad Recipe

Fooll Mudamas is a Syrian weekly meal for Friday or Sunday mornings. It’s the equivalent of our Western style Sunday brunches or Sunday roast. It’s the meal that gets the whole family together. It’s something friends enjoy when they go our to have breakfast together. It’s not a meal people have everyday. It is reserved for the weekly Friday or Sunday breakfast or brunch. This meal is well know in the entire area. I will be sharing how we prepare it at home.

Many people in Aleppo used to go to Jdaydeh area in the old city where Abu Abdo Alfawal made the best fooll there is. I have some of the best memories with friends on a Saturday morning walking through the old city of Aleppo, walking around Aleppo Citadel (a historical site that dates back thousands of years) then stopping at Abu Abdo AlFawal for a yummy bean salad brunch. Everyone in Aleppo knows Abu Abdo AlFawal. And I mean everyone. Read More »

zuzukhanom's take on koshari an egyptian dish

Koshari Recipe| An Egyptian Main Dish

I just LOVE lentils. As much as I love lentils, I also love variety and cooking them the exact same way kinda gets boring after a while. So, I decided to look for new recipes when I stumbled upon koshari. It’s an Egyptian variation of Mjadarah and I like this one a bit more because I love everything tomato. This recipe is inspired by countless recipes I checked out online to make this dish the very first time. This is my take on koshari, and I hope you enjoy this as much as Mjadarah.

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