Vegan Syrian Appetizer Eej made of bulgur a type of wheat and fresh tomato juice and a bunch of spices

Eej | A Cold Bulgur Appetizer Recipe

Eej is probably one of my first attempts at making Syrian food. It is such an easy recipe that it has become my go to recipe for any potluck.

Some of my most memorable moments are when my coworkers and I had potlucks and got together for lunch. We used to have the BEST meals ever. As a newcomer to Aleppo, Syria, I didn’t know about many Aleppine appetizers.

A lot of dishes have variations throughout the Mediterranean region. having said that, I am yet to find someone from different countries or even Syrian cities that make this same dish. I have heard that the people of Idleb also make eej, but I haven’t heard of any one else.

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