My Syria

Syria is not just a small drawing on a map, or a piece of news to be talked about, it is a vivid historical, cultural hub. It is a diamond in a rough whose people are trying to pull it back together. The Syria I know may not all comprehensive. I have not visited every single part of Syria and have not met every single Syrian, which means I cannot speak for every Syrian or every city or every area in every city. Experience is personal. Experience is special. What I’d like to share is my experience in Syria.

I do know that Syria will always mean the world to me. Its love transcends time and space. It is a small space that occupies earth, but Syria in itself, occupies the hearts of so many millions. It is by no means Utopia, there is no such thing. But, it definitely isn’t Dystopia either. It is a group of people who live their day to day, go to work, spend time with family and friends, fall in love, get married, have kids, live their lives to the fullest in whatever way it makes sense to them.

Syria is here to stay.